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Climbing over the gates is okay initially, but it gets tired really quickly, particularly if you are holding a baby. The cords on curtains and blinds pose a dangerous strangulation risk. Install safety tassels and cord stops to tuck away the cords. When you’re expecting, the thought of buying everything you will need can be completely overwhelming.

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  • Similarly your cat or dog can roam freely without getting stuck in a room because of a door closing behind them.
  • Just install the lock inside the drawer or cabinet and use one of the two powerful magnetic keys to open the lock when needed.
  • After pregnancy, the fertilized egg attaches it self to wall of the uterus.
  • It is conductive and will still allow electrical currents to pass through.
  • These locks install without power or hand tools, and like the BabyKeeps locks, the 3M technology is strong but removable.
  • They have excellent community reviews, high BBB ratings & are backed by our $1000 quality guarantee.
  • The BabyKeeps Safety Locks are similar to Munchkin latches in that they are straps and install with adhesive.

There’s always a risk with the cabinets closing on your child’s fingers which can be really painful. Try to avoid this at all costs with baby proofing your cabinets. Baby proofing the house is to make sure that the little ones are not in danger of hurting themselves from electrical, fire, water, chemical and stairway hazards. All these are to be considered in baby proofing your home to make it safe for the little explorers.

Sliding Cabinet Locks

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are committed to meeting customer demands to create the finest products. Any suggestions and request please feel free to contact us in anytime that we can try our utmost to reply in short time. They fit most standard doors from 1.25″ to 1/75″ thick. It comes with an adhesive post for temporary storage. This post keeps it out of children’s hands and right where parents or caregivers need it when you need it.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a doorknob-babyproofing exotic mens names product that looks good, but I have found one that works well. These simple, affordable clip-on baby safety doorknob covers from Jool take about five seconds to install, but a baby could spend all day trying to defeat one without success. Even adults have to master the art of gripping the knob through the slots cut into the cover. In our house, we use them to block entry to the basement stairs, closets, the garage, and when needed, to the guest room.

Safety Catch Drawer Locks

They are available on Amazon in different models, but you will generally be able to open them by pressing on the lock to pull off the more extensive mechanism. Velcro is strong enough to shut the door against little hands tightly, but you will be able to open them by yourself. To use this method, you will need to get some Velcro strips, cut them into the appropriate sizes and measure the frame of the cupboard and inner side of the door to line up. If your baby pulls out the drawer, they will be able to climb on it, and the added weight can make them tip over, leading to a serious injury. But your primary focus should not be on the kitchen drawers alone.

It also comes up with a magnetic key holder that you can install somewhere high up. These safety latches are designed for doors that have side-by-side handles. They are very easy to install since there is no drilling required. They are very easy for parents to open but difficult for toddlers.

They may work best on handles, though they could also work on some knobs depending on the diameter. Sliding locks like these are another low cost, yet effective method of keeping cabinets shut. Kiscords is a company created by a mom looking for better safety solutions.

Once in place, the locks easily open with a magnetic “key” . Best of all, Amazon reviewers indicated that the locks are super strong. Baby proofing your cabinets without knobs or drilling holes shields your baby or children from hurting themselves by the cabinet’s door or harmful items inside the cabinet.

Keep on reading to find out the parent-approved baby-proofing products you’ll want to add to your cart ASAP. Please note that we made sure to place the fasteners in multiple areas around each cabinet or drawer. This increases the strength of the hold, thereby making the drawer or cabinetmore baby-proof. So, for example, with each drawer, we have a velcro fastener on the underside as well as to the left and right of the drawer frame. For each cabinet, we have a velcro fastener on the top and the bottom of each door.