Spotify Not Working On Android? Here’s The Fix!

If there’s no driver update and the computer’s Wi-Fi doesn’t work with your new router, even after you have done all the router-related tricks above, well, you’re out of luck. It’s time to think about replacing that Wi-Fi adapter or the host device entirely. If your Fitbit scale still doesn’t sync, remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your phone and try to sync. Your device is connected to your Fitbit account. To check, log into your account on and click the gear icon image in the top right. You should see the name of your Fitbit device at the top. If you don’t see your device listed, set up your device again.

  • Once you complete the steps, using the scrolling up gestures on your touchpad will scroll pages in the downward direction for a more natural experience.
  • The date & time settings of your PC must be correct.
  • Don’t worry if your game is also acting up weirdly, this guide will help you solve the problem in no time.
  • If you’re on a hotel or public WiFi, you may be required to log in from a browser.
  • However, if you are using uBlock Origin , you can whitelist whole domains.

Some days I can’t access any network stuff on only my ps4. It says connected 100% signal and when I do tests it says internet connection is fine but psn sign in fails. But I used my laptop to bridge the connection to LAN and so far that has helped immensely.

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If you are getting a black screen on Spotify Web Player, this is the correct place to know how to fix it. We hope that we’ve given you a clear overview of why is Spotify web player not working. Fixing this issue is a lot easier than you think. If the issue still persists, then you have to contact the Spotify support team for further assistance. Xbox One players are reporting that the Spotify app is not working because it doesn’t play any songs.

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Pick the Wi-Fi adapter, and double click on it to bring up the Properties window of that device. Specifically, the device identifies itself via the IP address given to it by your router.